Friday, July 13, 2007

Type at home? You tell me.

Type at home? You tell me.

Well I said I would be checking my account more often and so here I am. I have had a change, lately. I have started to view work a whole lot differently. I use to absolutely dread it and hated the thought of having a day off and then having to go back to work. I had this master plan of only working till I found some nice at home business. I could do until I was making serious money, but that is yet to happen. Might of fact, the last one I did I just ended up requesting a refund for. It was basically for a type at home position. What they really wanted you to do was put advertisements everywhere and sell their affiliate sites. So in actuality, they wanted you to sell their sites and I am no salesman. In order to really profit off of the advertisements you placed for them. You would need to pay for serious ad space or promotion. Yes, they gave you several free places you could go and do it. Unfortunately, everyone else was promoting at these free spots too. So it’s just everyone trying to sale to everyone else. When I tried to ask for a refund; It took a week and a half of constant replying back and forth with customer service. Whenever I would just tell them I would like a refund. They would just send me another ad for something on their website. I didn’t want to know about more features. I had already tried them out and they didn’t work for me. It took me replying back to them at least 7 or 8 times before they would let me have my refund. I strongly suggest unless you have money in the bank, don’t do what I did. I hate to see it didn’t work like I would have liked it too, but life is a learning experience.
So now I just go to work everyday like everyone. I must say honestly it isn’t too bad. Since I am there everyday I have gotten used to the routine. It has become just another part of my day, and that check that will come won’t be bad either. I have really been going through a time with myself lately and I will go into more detail with my next couple of blogs.

Sorry everyone if this one seemed a bit scatterbrained.

Moral of the story: There may be type at home positions that work but the one I did was just not it.

To be avoided:

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